Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Baby sister

Hello my friends

It has been awhile, but you will soon know why!
I have a sister! That is right,one day my mum and dad came home and they put down a little ginger thing who looked a lot like me, although of course I was much cuter and such smarter when I was little.
They call her Laalaa, so I am officially a teletubby now and not a hunting machine I used to be. I am not joking either.

She started instantly to follow me around and I think she wants to be me, as she does whatever I do. I like sticks so now she likes sticks, I like my teddies, now she has knacked them, I like my food and she tries to steal it, I like my crate and although she has her own, she likes mine better!
Wherever I am, she is is there.  She is even coming for my walks now and is befriending my friends...
I think my life will never be the same.

Of course me being the perfect sister  I have been very patient with her. Sometimes I even pretend that I am asleep just to stop her coming to bother me. I think the award for the best ever sister goes to me. I'll have some sausages on top of that award please!

"Laalaa putting on her best cute and innocent pose, but trust me she is a beast"

"Here she is thinking about probably the rabbits she is going to catch. (Note: She will need to go through my school on how to be a real huntress before even thinking about catching anything.....")

Told you she is everywhere, here I am chilling out- and next minute she is there!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Summer is here

Time flies when you're having fun, or collecting sticks like I do !
Sorry  that I haven't posted anything since Christmas!!Now mum's got a new camera, so it wont be months until the next blog (that is if anyone cares!)

I have had some great trips this year!Still awaiting the "big trip" (Finland is next summer now says mum), but in the meantime I have seen Peak District (stayed in very dog friendly b&b hayhouse farm.It is the best b&b in the world!!They even give doggies a bed and a treat!)
We walked for hours, it was a stunning place with stunning smells for me to follow!
Next trip Bempton and walks on the beach. So many smells and so many new walks. Love the East coast too.

3d but not the least we travelled to Southern Counties show in Newbury and stayed in a beautiful cottage in Naunton (the Cotswolds) Auntie Anu showed me and I enjoyed it so much. Anu says it is a pleasure to show me as I am so keen to show my best (what she doesn't know is that Iam only doing it for the treats!)
We had a great day and then later on we did a big  walk round the Cotswolds. I am so fit thanks to my mums exercise regime that I wasn't even tired in the evening, but wanted to knack "freddy the fox"!
That is my favorite teddy, but now and again I like to "rag" it....!

"Don't worry-be happy"Taking it easy before the showtime


"When's the tummy tickles??"

"Round and round we go....Has anyone got any biscuits?"

I love my uncle Harri!

"Anu the show master- I am all hers when she comes for a visit, oui!"

"Those who seek will find the rabbits!"
 Enjoy the sunny days and clean paws!

Its a woof from,

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Autumn plays and winter games


Sorry its been awhile!
 I have been busy growing up, playing and completing my ever growing stick collection...

I thought I share couple of pictures from the Fauve walk with you. This was back in September and I travelled there with Harvey and his mum and dad. We had a great day, totally fauvesome
Definitely 10 fauves is better than one!
 I had so much fun, met lots of other hounds and the day ended with roll and tumble with Harvey. Just  like I'd want every day to be! There were many other girl fighting for his attention so I had to make sure he didn't entertain others....

"Seeing double x double!"

"Me & H love wrestling!"


Love love love snow!
 Cant wait one day to travel to Finland to see their sticks and go for long walks in the snow

Here is me ad my friend Macy. She is one of the dogs Roz,my dog walker walks. I very much like the "chase"game. I choose the stick and she has to try to get it off me (obviously I wont give up easy!)

 "get me!!!"

Below is me in Wetherby. I go and see my nana and then run around in the snow and make friends.I also like to find fresh footprints on the snow. Never know what lies beneath all that white stuff...!!

"Snow up to my knees!"

I hope you like these pictures.Mum really should put some more of them in.

17 days until Christmas- I hope you are all looking forward to the big C.

I have been a very good girl. Cant wait to see what Santa brings.
Maybe a collection of sticks???

Big woof to my brother Higgins,it was so lovely to hear from him! Bet he is  handsome dude!

Miss T

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Trip to North Wales

Hi, I got to go to my first trip this summer.
We went to North Wales and visited places called Lladudno and Talacre beach and stayed in a bed and breakfast in Denbighshire.
 My head was all over the place as all I could smell were sheep and rabbits! Mum an dad woke up middle of the night and found me staring outside. I wish at home I could look out to the field, that would be fun- although I would never sleep...!

"Can't sleep!"

We visited a very nice place in Llandudno, it was high up on the hill and you could see miles away. Many people came to see me and wanted to stroke me. I like the attention!

"high life!"

Then we headed to Talacre beach and I was allowed to run free on the beach. It was so much fun. We had a "Baywatch" moment when I go stuck as the tide was coming and I wasn't keen on getting my paws wet. Dad had to rescue me and carry me back to the sand. Never a dull moment in my life.


"Helped out by the sea rescue!"

 I told you last time about my 9 sisters, well here is a picture of one of them. I had a haircut while mum and dad went to see the puppies. Apparently they were very cute.


Until the next trip take care and a big loud "woof" from me to you!!
Wishing you lots of sunny days

XXX Tinky

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tinky the teenager

Happy late birthday to me!
I am officially no longer a puppy, but a hairy teenager.
1 year and one month old.
Phew, time flies.
I thought I'll tell you a little about the me and what I like and dont like.
See if you agree?
I like:
Small bouncy dogs
Having a snooze with dad
Barking at neighbors stupid border terrier
Chasing rabbits
Sniffing in the bushes
Big quiet dogs
Going to my nans
Going for different walkies
Ragging toys(especially squakies)
Looking out of the windows
I dont like
Big bouncy dogs
Neighbors border terrier
Early morning wake up calls
Fireworks or loud noises
See, more positives than negatives.
I think I am quite a happy girl really.
I have attached some photos of me lately. Hope you like them.
I will post some more once this summer gets properly going and I get taken to places!
High five to my Mum Misty who had a litter of 9(!!!)
I have quite a lot of brothers and sisters now!!
xxx Tinky

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tinky's got talent


Sorry for those who eagerly await to hear from me- it has been awhile (I've heard I have at least one or two followers...!)
I have been a very busy girl, but I promise I update this bit more often now.
On top of my obedience training I started ringcraft. This was to prepare me (or my mum??)to the showring. I enjoy my new hobby although I must admit at first I had no idea what to do.
I would have preferred just sit and relax on the table, but I quickly got the idea:
Show them what you're made off and think about rabbits and hunting to get the pose right!

Peter, our lovely trainer said after the first month I was the most progressed dog in our class. I was really proud of that!
Then came the BIG day. Crufts.

We stayed in a hotel in Birmingham and I have to say I prefer Leeds more as I could not see one rabbit in sight.
I travelled there with my mum and dad and mum's brother Harri and sister in law Anu. They loved me and boy I loved them too. To have all that attention was so nice.
Anu was my handler in the ring, I don't know what happened to my mum, someone mentioned something about toilet??
We did the same stuff that we do in our classes, bit of trotting(easy!) and then "think about rabbits" on the table. I thought I did a great job and the judge placed me fourth.
I was happy for my beautiful sisters too: my sister Mia won my class and my other sister Mango was 3d. Hurray!

It was so sad to see Anu and Harri go,but I now own a passport, so I have been told I am allowed to go and visit them soon. I wonder what their Norwich terrier's and schnauzers think of me??

After Birmingham it was time to get prepared for another event. Kennel Club GC silver test.
My mum started to do this "heel work all over the block"(I wonder what the neighbours think of all that- a hunter doing heelwork, they must think I've gone mad!)and at at home all I ever heard was "stay" and "leave it".
Mum said I would have to perform all this fauvetasticly to get the silver certificate.

The big day was yesterday. I did fancy jumping at the examiner when I met him, but then I thought I best behave as one woman called me " a cleaver little hound" She was a weimareiner breeder and knew about the hounds and she could not believe how good I was. So I decided to really show how it's done...
A result? A pass with distinction!!!
Mum and dad are bursting with pride.
All I can say is that: "show me the lamb" and I will get you the gold certificate too! My trainer Angela was really proud too, she called me a superb hound- is there anything I cant do??
Well actually there is. I still cannot catch those little squirrels as I haven't got a clue on how to get up the tree! But I'm working it out!

Big wouf to my half brother handsome H who I saw last weekend!
We had such a nice day together, I cant wait to see him again. I know I keep repeating it, but he i so handsome. Check out his brilliant "Harveythebassetfauve" blog.
High Five,
Miss T

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Showing off

Sorry it has been awhile since my last blog.
I have been a busy girl.
In October I was at my first ever show- it was great fun. I made new friends and saw old friends too(Mary and John were there giving their support and my first mum Karen) For me it was all easy peasy- but my mum was very nervous. I dot know why, All it was a bit of trotting and then posing to a judge.
I came second and qualified to Crufts 2010- I am not sure what it means,but my mum is very proud of me.

"Mum- stop squeezing my tail please"

Summer holidays are now officially over. I love autumn though. I have loads of nice walk with my favourite friend Harvey. Here is a picture of him licking me goodbye after his mum and dad dropped me home. Isn't he handsome??

"Don't leave me this way....!"


I love autumn walks a lot. The more leaves the better. "Find a fauve from the picture below!"
When coming home I always like to bring a keepsake. A stick is always a favourite, but if I can't find one then a branch from the tree will suffice.

Wish you all pawsome autumn, speak soon